16 sept. 2012

Just for you ♥

I’m just a girl,
with a lot of ideas,
waiting the moment
to put them all on a paper,  
for me, for you,
for everyone, for no one.

Today, there’s something I do know about
my life,
my motive for writing this
is bigger than me.

The time goes by,
the feelings grow,
the distance is a bitch,
but, our minds and hearts
can make the difference
despite of all that.

I don’t care how ridiculous
my English can be,
just because it allows me
be closer to you.

I’m not afraid to say
that I miss you;
there are days when
I think: he is just a dream,
but then I wake up
and realize you’re not,
you’re real for me.

I don’t know a date,
when we can be together again,
I don’t even know if that is possible,
I hope so, I dream so,
and I wait anxiously for it.

I miss you, I miss you, I miss you.
With love ♥ Heillen
Just for you Or Nir.
Happy Birthday Honey =)

P.S. these words
are my gift for you,
 ‘cause they’re part of me,
and I want you to have them.